Curtis Crain

Curtis Crain


Curtis Crain

Artist Statement:


I paint mostly in an impressionistic style.  It makes sense based on the influence the European and American artists in the late 1840’s through the end of the century have had on me.  I enjoy working thick and fast.  I’ll paint from nature, my sailboat or studio.  I will paint almost anything, I just love moving paint around.

My favorite subjects are boats, waterscapes, flowers and people.  Most of my work is objective, loosely painted, with liberties taken on detail and color.  I strive to say more with less.


Curtis Crain is a Milwaukee native, currently living in Whitefish Bay and Gills Rock.  Beginning at a young age, Crain had a strong interest in drawing and painting.  He studied fine art at UWM and Cardinal Stritch and continues to learn from “everyone and everything.”  Crain works in oil paint and loves a variety of subject matter including sailboats, waterscapes, city scenes, floral and portraiture.  As a sailor, Crain will be the first to admit his most favorite thing to paint are sailboats!  Whether painting in his bright studio or on location outdoors, Crain invests himself in each canvas, each scene and each brushstroke, which is apparent in the colorful and energetic paintings he produces.

His paintings hang in private and commercial locations across the country.  He was commissioned to produce two paintings for a recent movie titled “Deliver us from Evil” with Eric Bana and Oliva Munn.  “You have to look close but they are in there.”

  • Oils 100%