Debra Joy Groesser

Debra Joy Groesser

Oil Painter and Plein Air Artist

Debra Joy Groesser

Artist Statement:

I have a quote by Andrew Wyeth on the wall above my easel in my studio. It says “I believe one’s art goes as far and as deep as one’s love goes.” That quote describes perfectly my passion for painting, especially plein air landscape painting. Being outside, in God’s creation, provides me with endless inspiration for my work. It also allows me to combine my love of the “great outdoors” with my love of painting. Because it’s necessary to work quickly and intuitively “en plein air” due to the fleeting light and constantly changing conditions, there is a freshness about these paintings that is difficult to duplicate in the studio. Painting from life, you are able to see subtle color nuances and values that are not possible to see when working from photographs. Careful observation of these subtleties has taught me how to capture the essence of a place…the atmosphere, the light, the mood. Plein air painting is much more than just a literal translation of the scene in front of you. My goal is to render my subjects in such a way that the viewer will feel what I felt, what attracted me to the subject in the first place. Everything you experience out in the field goes into your painting…sounds, smells, wind, weather, your emotions and reactions, your love for the place…it all becomes a part of the work. It is a very spiritual experience for me.

Nebraska artist, Debra Joy Groesser (b. 1957, Margate, Kent, England) received her BFA degree in art in 1978. She has studied with such renowned artists as Kevin Macpherson, Scott Christensen, Kim English, John Cosby and Kenn Backhaus. Debra is passionate about plein air painting in oils. Her landscape paintings have garnered national recognition and awards. Being outdoors in God’s creation, whether in her perennial garden, in the mountains or by the sea, provides her endless inspiration for her work.

Debra’s ability to capture mood, emotion, atmosphere and a sense of place in her work attracts collectors, both private and corporate, worldwide. Debra also paints portraits and figurative works. In 2011, she was commissioned by Omaha Performing Arts to create a large portrait of Richard and Mary Holland, which hangs at the Holland Performing Arts Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

My greatest satisfaction in being an artist comes from successfully connecting with people on an emotional level through my artwork. My challenge is to create a sense of place and to render my subjects in such a way that the viewer will feel their spirit, the emotions I felt as I painted, and understand what attracted me to the subject.

  • Signature member and President/CEO of the American Impressionist Society
  • Signature member of American Plains Artists
  • Signature member and board member of Plein Air Artists Colorado
  • Associate member of Oil Painters of America
Achievements and Exhibitions

National Art Publications:

  • Art of the West
  • American Art Collector
  • Southwest Art
  • Feature article in the October/November 2014 issue of Plein Air Magazine
  • Finalist in Southwest Art Magazine’s 2012 Artistic Excellence competition
  • Faculty member for the 2014 Plein Air Convention and will be again in 2015 in Monterey, California

Juried and Invitational Exhibitions:

  • American Impressionist Society National Juried Exhibition, Oct 2014, Denver CO (also 2005, 2007-2013)
  • Sedona Plein Air Invitational – Sedona AZ, October 2014
  • Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibitions, 2012 and 2014
  • Salon International 2014 Juried Exhibition, San Antonio TX (also 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012) Honorable Mention for Artistic Excellence Award in 2011 AND 2009
  • “The Legacy of the West” solo exhibition with historical works by Abby Williams Hill, Vashon WA, Nov. 2013
  • “American Vistas” MVIS Juried Exhibition, Kansas City MO, Sept/Oct 2013 Best of Show Award
  • Plein Air Artists Colorado National Juried Exhibition, August 2014 (also 2008-2013 Honorable Mention Award in 2010, First Place Award for Signature Members in 2009)
  • Missouri Valley Impressionist Society Juried Exhibiton, SouthWind Gallery, Topeka KS, May/June 2013
  • “Powered by Nature: Seven Women” Mountainsong Galleries, Carmel California, April 2013
  • “Far and Near Horizons: World Tour of Contemporary Landscape Artists” New York City, March 2013
  • American Plains Artists National Juried Exhibitions, August-Sept 2012 (also 2009-2011) Artists Retreat Award 2012
  • Masters of the Midwest Invitational Exhibition, August-Sept 2012, Southwind Art Gallery, Topeka KS
  • Door County (Wisconsin) Invitational Plein Air Festival and Exhibition, 2008 through 2014
  • Laguna Plein Air Invitational, Laguna Beach CA, October 2010
  • Solo Exhibition, Mountainsong Galleries, Ocean Ave, Carmel CA, May/June 2010
  • Carmel Art Festival, Carmel, California, May 2010 (also 2009, 2008) Honorable Mention Award in 2009
  • Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts Biennial Art Auction, Montgomery AL, 2006 through 2014
  • Oil Painters of America Western Regional Juried Exhibition, 2009 (also 2005 and 2007)
  • “Inspirations from Rimrock Ranch” National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson WY, 2007
  • Oil Painting 100%
  • Plein Air 100%