Denny Moutray

Denny Moutray


Denny Moutray

Artist Statement:

Through my photography I am attempting to recreate what I see prior to making the image. We see in multi dimensions, yet photographic images are one dimensional. So in taking a photograph, I am trying to capture and present it in such a way that will help those who view it to experience what I was able to see.

I have always been interested in “taking pictures”, but it wasn’t until I retired from the hustle and bustle of corporate life that I really started to appreciate, learn, and practice the fundamentals of fine art photography. I am always striving to improve, whether it be my creative eye or photographic techniques. There is something special about capturing a moment in time and sharing it for all to enjoy.

It is said that a “picture is worth a thousand words”. So while viewing my images, I hope they speak to others as they speak to me.

Denny Moutray


I am an avid photographer recently retired from the corporate world who loves to capture the character and beauty of Door County, Wisconsin. My wife and I have been coming to Door County for over 40 years and have recently relocated here to enjoy all that this beautiful place has to offer full time. My wife, Peggy, and I reside in Gills Rock.

I love to photograph just about any subject, but mostly enjoy photographing nature, landscapes, abandoned buildings and barns – especially the barns of Wisconsin. I have studied with Master Photographer Daniel Anderson and Suzanne Rose who both reside in Door County, and with Douglas Beasley of Minneapolis, Minnesota. My images have displayed in numerous galleries and were selected for the 2011 juried photo exhibition at the Hardy Gallery in Ephraim, Wisconsin.

I have been very fortunate to have traveled and taken photographs all over the world, and have found it difficult to duplicate the image making opportunities that are found on the Door County Peninsula. There is a story behind every image, and with every image I am trying to tell a story. I can only hope my images help to tell the story of this wonderful place we call home.

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