Len Villano

Len Villano


Len Villano

Artist Statement:

The flora and fauna of Door County are the focus of my life. I have traveled across the country but it is Door County I love and I am grateful to call home. I have made many friends, not only human but in the natural world as well. From the porcupine who befriended me to the grouse that took a seat beside me in my car as I was changing film, from the old maple tree which I return to repeatedly for knowledge and advice. The water, sky, farm fields, forests, all the landscapes that create this place we call Door County and I have come to call my friend.

An artist, a musician, a recording engineer and producer, Len left a promising career in architecture to devote his life to capturing the beauty of nature on film. Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary is the focus of Len’s work.

Growing up in a major metropolitan area and being surrounding by the often oppressive landscapes of concrete and steel, Len developed a love for a simpler, more natural environment. Majoring in Architecture at the University of Illinois, Len’s strong environmental and conservational philosophy lead to designs that embraced nature not devoured it. These philosophies also carried over into his music. His band played numerous benefit concerts for organizations including Greenpeace, The Nature Conservancy, and the Wilderness Society among others. Through his music, architecture and photography Len hopes to educate and inspire his audience to take action to protect and maintain a strong, clean and healthy environment for us and future generations. “Man is an integral part of the environment not separate from it, therefore, we must all learn to get along and coexist if we hope to survive. It is that common, interwoven struggle to survive that influences my work and that I strive to capture in my art.”

Len’s work can be seen across the globe, published in more than 40 different countries as well as in Door County and in publications such as Door County Living Magazine, Door County Magazine, Peninsula Pulse, Key To The Door Illustrated, The Door County Advocate and Resorter Reporter, Door Reminder, Go Guide and the Vacation Guide. Besides, previous showings at Galleries in Door County Len’s work has also been shown across the Chicago and Milwaukee area.

Len is currently using digital technology and a chemical free darkroom to produce his work insuring a cleaner and safer environment. Len will use whatever technique necessary to portray his art but does not believe in manipulating his images. He prefers instead to let nature’s power speak for itself. “In photography, light is the key to producing extraordinary work even if that means getting up at 4:00 a.m. or skipping dinner or staying out later than my fellow photographers. That’s when the magic happens, and simply, I prefer not to miss it.”

Len Villano is a Door County Wisconsin photographer who specializes in nature and wildlife photography and the great outdoors. For fine art, commercial, editorial and private collections. Len was trained as an architect so he also photographs architecture with his new book to be released soon. Len enjoys all aspects of photography and has worked on assignment for a variety of publications and magazines. Has a long list of advertising clients as well as travel and the performing arts. Available for lectures, tours, workshops, and private instruction.

Fine art photographs hand printed by the artist can be purchased framed or unframed.

  • Fine Art Photography 100%
  • Chemical Free Darkroom 100%